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Here you will find where members work is published


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Women Poets of 2014

Published by United Press Ltd

Valerie Odell is one of the all women poets chosen to feature in this anthology published by United Press Ltd..

10 of her poems feature in this remarkable collection

Available from

*See From the meeting for a sample

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A Baker's Dozen -by Valerie Odell

A collection of sixteen beautifully observed poems.

She describes herself as an ordinary grandmother - but the poems show a person who observes,cares and understands the world around her

Published 2014    All enquiries through Grantham Writers

Price £3.99

*All proceeds to the Royal British Legion


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Rose Bakker

Windmill Puddings

Rose Bakker has been a nurse, a midwife, a shop girl, child-minder, gardener, poet, climber and keen walker, a swimmer of sorts and a library assistant.

Since publishing her book (which is proving to be quite successful), Rose thinks she will now stay in the kitchen more, turn out the fridge perhaps and invite in some hungry neighbours.

All proceeds are for Heckington Windmill


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                              Christine Ogden

        'The Grammar School called the King's at Grantham '


It is a  poem in blank verse and is available through the group for £2. 

All money raised from the book will be donated to charity.

                          CLICK HERE TO ORDER


           " In memory of Bishop Richard Fox 1447-1528, born at 


            Ropsley Keeper of the Privy Seal 1487-1516.


            "One of the finest buildings in the town is the 15th century


            Grammar school now King's School, which has a steep stone tiled roof and mullioned windows."


          From the AA book of British Towns publications 1979

*Also available a new collection  called  TWENTY POEMS   Click here for details